Asphalt & Surface Treatment


#7, #78 and #89 Stone, available at our Columbus location, are the primary stone used for asphalt and surface applications. They range in size from 3/8” to ½” stone and are granite based. Shot gravel is also commonly used in Alabama asphalt applications.

Available Locations:

Columbus, Montgomery, Phenix City

Applicable Specifications



Description Application Specifications Locations
Shot Gravel
small gravel, about the size of a bb. Smaller than pea gravel. 1/4" material. primarily used for decorative and asphalt applications in AL. Also used as well filtration material. n/a Montgomery, Phenix City
#7 Stone
Primarily used for asphalt and some concrete applications & surface treatment. ALDOT & GDOT, ASTM C33 Columbus
#78 Stone
1/2" to a No. 8 Primarily used for Asphalt & surface treatment applications. FLDOT, & GDOT, ALDOT Columbus
#89 Stone
3/8" to No. 16 Primarily used for asphalt & surface treatment applications. FLDOT, & GDOT, ALDOT Columbus